Saturday, September 19, 2009

Maine '09

Maine '09 was a command performance for all children and grandchildren as it was my parents 45 Anniversary! We didn't mind because we love to see my mother, father, brothers, wives, nieces and nephews from Mirman South and Mirman West in Maine. This day, my father decides to entertain Cole, Jay and Alex by watching the laundry in the wash cycle. For 20 minutes, they watched the whole cycle with a flashlight-they loved it! Leo came over to see what all the excitement was about.

Leo in his first adirondack chair like a big boy. He has some room to grow

Leo's not in this one but couldn't resist Alex, Zach and Cole checking our our lobster dinner.

Leo, Alex and Cole sharing one toy, in one chair-how well they got along.

Again, Leo's not in this one but how cute are his cousins.

Leo gets to sit at the bar for breakfast with all of his big cousins. This shot I stole from Aunt Caset's blog

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