Saturday, January 3, 2009

Leo's first New Year - Somers

Meeting Cousin Zach and Cousin Alexandra from Callifornia for the first time.

Alexandra wanted to go for a walk with Leo and Day-z. Oh and Uncle Paul was allowed to come too.

Alexandra pushing Leo in the pram and doing a great job.

Leo watches as snow falls in Somers.

Leo's favorite gift is the hat knitted for him by Aunt Chris. She is officially his holiday hat maker.

Making friends.

On our Christmas trip to Massachusetts, we made a stop in Somerville to see our friends Andrew and Sarah. We remember when their son Lucas (shown) was as small as Leo.

Leo's first Christmas - Danvers

Leo gets some Christmas love'n from Cousin Sarah

...and Cousin Molly

...and Cousin Hannah. Leo officially gets his membership into Red Sox Nation from Uncle Bill.

Overall, the Tuppers were enamored with Cousin Leo.

Day-z and Nellie on the other hand are in love with Uncle Bill.

First smile!

After many weeks, we finally get a smile! Maybe his visit with Popi encouraged him.

Nap time

Like father like son.