Sunday, March 22, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Hoboken has it's St. Patrick's Day parade two weeks before March 17th so that it doesn't conflict with the bigger NY parade. Usually it's a day where the town starts drinking by 10:00 AM and by noon everyone under the age of 25 is drunk. We normally try to avoid this day since the first year we lived in Hoboken a drunken youth mistook our black Saab for a taxi cab and proceeded to climb into the back of our car slurring his desired destination. The second year, we decided to be shut-ins and refused to leave our condo but the unit behind us had a raucous party so we weren't able to aviod the revelry. So this year, we debated whether to git the heck out of dodge but it turned out to be a beautiful, warm sunny day (after a long cold winter) and so a walk to the park and some lunch was in order.

A few firsts for Leo: first Hoboken St. Patrick's day, first swing and first outing with shoes. The swinging lasted about 5 seconds but the shoes lasted the whole day.

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